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Our compensation is 100% success based. We only get paid after we reduce your property taxes.

Commercial Property Tax Appeal Service

Since 2008, Commercial Property Tax Consulting and Appeals have been our business. The TTRG Team has over 55 years of collective experience valuing and appealing commercial real estate for our Clients. We work on a contingency basis and our fee is based on a reasonable percentage of the tax savings we negotiate on your behalf.

The Tax Relief Group has saved its Clients millions of dollars in property tax. If you own or manage commercial property and believe your property is over-assessed, or even if you just want to be sure you’re not paying too much in property taxes, contact us and ask for a no-obligation value analysis of your real estate portfolio.

Business Personal Property Tax Assessment

Every business has furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, or other components owned by the company that is deemed assets. This is considered Business Personal Property, and it is taxable in most states. Every year a Business Personal Property Return must be filed that reflects the asset type and value. What is and is not taxable varies by state. As is often the case, inaccurate reporting, incorrect classification of property, and lack of knowledge of state-specific depreciation tables lead to the Client paying too much in Business Personal Property Taxes.

Since 2008, The Tax Relief Group has filed thousands of Business Personal Property Returns for our Clients. Our smart software has each state’s depreciation tables built in to insure both full compliance as well accuracy so you only pay the correct tax, and not a penny more. We manage the filing process from start to finish, including audit requests from taxing jurisdictions, and we even provide a managed tax service where we receive all assessment notices and tax bills on your behalf. To hear more or receive a no-obligation quote, contact us.


Lease Administration Service

TTRG Lease Administration powered by Occupier provides your team with an all-in-one lease management solution. Our system enables Landlords, Tenants, and Property Management Companies to make smarter, more informed decisions by centralizing the way they work and collaborate. Our lease abstraction services automate the extraction process of key data points in your lease portfolio and digitally organize critical information in an easily searchable manner.


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Our compensation is success based. We only get paid after we reduce your property taxes