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Lease Administration Services

Designed for the NNN Commercial Real Estate Tenant.

Lease Administration Service

TTRG Lease Administration powered by Occupier provides your team with an all-in-one lease management solution. Our system enables Landlords, Tenants, and Property Management Companies to make smarter, more informed decisions by centralizing the way they work and collaborate. Our lease abstraction services automate the extraction process of key data points in your lease portfolio and digitally organize critical information in an easily searchable manner.

Critical Dates

Automate notifications for critical dates like rent renewals, security deposit returns, CPI increases, rights to terminate and many more.


Aggregate, sort and filter all lease clauses. And most importantly, stop flipping through pages of lease documentation.


Easily track rental and operating expenses across your business’s leased assets.


Export reports to gain unique insights into the risks and opportunities of your real estate portfolio.

The TTRG Lease Administration, powered by Occupier provides a digital solution for your team to house your entire real estate portfolio.

The lease administration module automates the notifications of all your critical dates, helps you sort clauses and enables you to digest and analyze your real estate data with a few clicks.

Key benefits of our Lease Administration Services

Sort filter and manage critical dates and reports

Receive critical date notifications via Email.

Ability to track lease and lease-related expenses.

Task Management
Lease Document Storage

Lease Abstraction Service

Keep Your Data Organized


Lease Abstraction

Mitigate real estate portfolio risk with extraction of all critical information and data within your lease portfolio. Unlock the data points behind your real estate.

Lease Onboarding

We offer unlimited lease onboarding, so our team can add new and amended leases with updated rent schedules, clauses, critical dates, contacts, and documents in one searchable database.

Quality Assurance

Our team will analyze, assess, and diagnose the abstraction of your leases to ensure that all critical information is accounted for.


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