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Commercial Property Tax FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Property Tax

What causes property assessments to change?

State Property Tax Codes require Assessors to periodically revalue all real estate within their jurisdiction. There are other factors that can also trigger a reassessment of your commercial real estate such as the sale of the property, an addition to the property or a zoning classification change.

How does the Tax Assessor value my property?

Due to the overwhelming task of valuing commercial real estate, the Tax Assessor utilizes Mass Appraisal Software to determine property values, basically adopting a “one size fits all approach” to valuation. Unfortunately, this method is not specific enough to insure the property values are consistent. As you can see, this method does not favor you, the Taxpayer!

Why should I file a Property Tax Appeal?

Statistically, 65% of all Commercial Real Estate in America is over-assessed causing property owners to “pay more than their fair share”. Our success rate in lowering property taxes is 82% with an average per property tax savings of $3,100. So the question really is… what are you waiting for. Click here to get started.

Why Choose The Tax Relief Group?

Our dedicated Team of Property Tax Professionals has over 55 years of combined experience reducing property assessments and taxes for our Clients. Since 2008, we have saved our valued Clients millions of dollars each year in property taxes, making us Experts by Result.