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Business Personal Property Compliance

Our compensation is 100% success based. We only get paid after we reduce your property taxes.

Personal Property Valuations

If you own commercial real estate, filing personal property tax is a legal requirement that is highly detailed takes time and diligence to meet all taxing authority requirements. Each state has its own criteria as to what is taxed and for how long. It can be costly and time-consuming to use an internal employee for these services. Outsourcing your business personal property taxes will free up your time and save you money.






Why choose to outsource your compliance to The Tax Relief Group?

Taxing jurisdictions require the timely reporting and accounting of fixed assets and inventory annually for taxation. Meeting this requirement is deadline-driven, time intensive, and requires a full understanding of which assets are and are not taxable. Under or over-reporting of assets both results in the client overpaying their taxes or not paying the required amount of taxes. There are too many forms, depreciation schedules, exemption applications, tax codes, and deadlines to meet to go it alone.

The TTRG Promise


We will review the fixed asset list for proper classification of assets to ensure maximum depreciation is achieved.


Identify which assets could be ghost assets.


Ensure the preparation and timely filing of renditions, abatement applications, extensions when needed and classification exemptions.


Manage assessment notices to ensure accuracy and correct value, appealing when necessary.


Directly manage all requests for Audits from the taxing authorities on behalf of the Client


When required, present all evidence in support of our valuation to the taxing authority and Boards of Equalization.


Of commercial real estate is over-valued


TTRG’s Success Rate


Our Clients average tax savings per property


Our compensation is success based. We only get paid after we reduce your property taxes